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Monday, November 19, 2007

Bleach Swords- Zangetsu

Bleach Swords today will introduce the one of great sword in Bleach Anime.Zangetsu is zanpakutou Kurosaki Ichigo of Rukia gets in the first chapter. It seems to be a regular Katana, except that it is as high as Ichigo because of its high spiritual energy. The crossguard was the normal rectangle with a flame pattern on the long sides. Ichigo leads Zangetsu slung over his back, initially with a heavy coat and a thick leather belt, filled with double rows of metal-ringed holes, and then later with a red chain of interconnected triangles. Zangetsu also has its own look and is one of the few zanpakutous we see even materialize. He looks like a shinigami, to a certain degree, but his robe has several tattered edges, it seems to be in a position, and a robust looking face, with a funky pair of glasses. Zangetsu's Bankai name is Tensa Zangetsu, which means "Heaven Chain Cutting moon."
Name Meaning:Cutting Moon
Wielder:Kurosaki Ichigo
First Introduced:Chapter 1, "
The Death and the Strawberry"
First Shikai:Chapter 67, "End of Lessons"
First Bankai:Chapter 162, "Black Moon Rising"

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